Myths Busted: Are Women Better Drivers Than Men?

There has always been much competition between the two genders of male and female in every forte. For any given task, a rhetorical question arises from either of the competitors in order to acclaim the position of the winner. One such task is driving, and the two sexes have been ramming at each other’s egos to prove themselves as more capable and deserving.

With respect to driving the men have always managed to sabotage the ladies acclamation for the title of best drivers with the help of stereotypical myths of society and have resorted to spreading unfair rumors against the females.

Women, on the other hand, have shown to be rebellious and often have proved themselves with much dignity and a show of extreme grace and confidence.

YES! This may come as a shocker to most of you, to both the men and women out there who tend to believe in the unfunny women driver jokes that have been circulated around, BUT! The ladies have proven themselves to be excellent drivers and in some cases have also outscored men in both structured car tests as well as on the road, on a normal day.

!!! GIRL POWER !!!
Since the debate has been going on for ages now, it is time to present the facts we have gathered, and so, now you can decide for yourself and arrive at a conclusion.

First and foremost, Women are ATTENTIVE, CAUTIOUS drivers!

The mechanics of the steering of car does not bother to distinguish the gender of the person
behind the wheel, but rather judges their driving style.

In context to the driving style we have observed each group to possess its own:

  •  Men are COMPETITIVE, AGGRESSIVE and resort to faster speeds. They have a knack for RISKY DRIVING.
  • Women are more ATTENTIVE and FOCUSED. Their main priorities are to be PROTECTIVE and CAUTIOUS. This is more often due to their momma bear personality kicking in.

Secondly, (It might not be a surprise) Men take more RISKS and hence are more PRONE TO
The testosterone of men tends to make them behave more aggressively if not manically. They often disregard norms; overlook speed limits and safety distances to be maintained; drunk drive and completely ignore seat belts. The habit of using mobile phones and other electronic gadgets while driving is especially higher among men.

It is therefore obvious that with such driving records where there is a complete disregard of all the safety precautions, Men are more likely to be at fault during an accident. They are also most often the ones to get a ticket for faulty and aggressive driving.

Although this disregard for safety and risky behavior has been a complete negative, it is why men are more accurate at parking while taking much lesser time and are better at taking sharp turns.

Women, on the other hand, do not get carried away with their hormones and are more likely to be in control of the situation. They pay more attention to driving tasks and are adept followers of caution. Hence while playing it safe they lose to aggressive momentum.

Third, you’re PERCEPTION!
Men are most often perceived to be better. This is greatly due to an inevitable influence the riskier and off-handed character of men has on the brain. So also, the belief that women are weaker drivers inevitably affects you’re perception and hence has also ended up influencing the performance and proficiency of women.

Bringing together these facts we can conclude that regardless of gender, it is imperative to strike a balance between caution and confidence to ensure safety and control on the road.
Men, It is an absolute No-No to distracted driving. One cannot ignore their duty towards the pedestrians and other drivers and it is of absolute importance to stick to the norms that casts a net of safety overall.

Ladies, we appreciate your caution, attention, and focus. However, we would like you to believe more in yourself and do not let the myths and stereotypical thoughts falter you.
Drive with caution and confidence and conquer the world with your four wheels with grace!

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