Why taking breaks is important on a long journey?

  Drive slow and enjoy the scenery – Drive fast to join the scenery!!! 😛
Oh, how we love long journeys to faraway places, after all, they take us on exotic trips and incredible destinations.
As much as you love the thrill and experience of a long journey, it can come with its fair share of setbacks, one of them being tiredness and fatigue that get the better of you.

This is especially true in the case of the driver. Many individuals feel that taking breaks along the journey only prolong the duration of the travel and so prefer not to make stops along the way.
Some drivers don’t think it is necessary to take a break and get some rest during the journey. However, we beg to differ. It is imperative that you take breaks during a long journey.

Here are a few reasons why you should take a break on a long road trip:

1.  You will be refreshed and alert
When you make adequate stops along the way, your mind functions well as it gets the ample amount of rest to work efficiently again. The road can be unpredictable and your mind needs to be at the top of its game to tackle all kinds of obstacles. A break every now and then beats the monotony and continuous mobility. So even if a wildcat runs in between of the road or there are boulders falling from above, you are alert and prepared.


2. You can develop pain and aches in your joints and bones
When you are stuck in a vehicle, it restricts your flexibility. You cannot move your arms and ankles freely. Sitting in this position for a long time may lead to chronic pain in your knees, spine, and legs. It can also slow down your metabolism levels and affect your posture. Taking a break to stretch out and release the tension from your joints helps to exercise your body so that cramps and lethargy can be avoided

3. Your vehicle needs the rest too
Continuously driving not only tires passengers out, the same can be said about your vehicle too. Your vehicle deserves a break-off and on as driving continuously will heat up your engine. You need to keep a track of how old the vehicle is. Be sure to check the fuel tank too, and see how much gas it has consumed. Also, make your stops in such a way that you do not run out of gas in the bargain.

4. No breaks will leave you with driver fatigue
If you think that traveling without making pit stops along the way will actually help you reach your destination faster, you are wrong. Journeying without taking breaks affect your attention span and you can’t focus on driving to your maximum potential. You can fall asleep behind the wheel and even collide with another vehicle. Even though you may begin the journey fresh and alert, you are bound to get driver fatigue if you do not stop along the way for a break.

5. You get to check out amazing stops along the way
Who says stopovers are just meant for rest? You can schedule stops in such a way that let you explore the places you want to see. You can hit two birds with one stone. For instance, if you are driving through the countryside, you can stop at a breathtaking scenery and even get a few fabulous pictures while there. Stopping at a beach or near a lake gives everyone a break and fresh air while it is also fun at the same time.

Going for a long drive is amazing but always make sure to take breaks and enjoy your drive 😃

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