Solutions to boring long drives.

One cannot help feeling like a Lone wolf when you have a long, monotonous journey in front of you. There are many who need to drive for hours together almost every day to reach work, or there are those for whom driving is work. Driving might be your profession, favorite hobby or even love!

No, matter how much an individual is attached to driving, be it by profession or by choice, extremely long hours of driving can be stressful to anyone. Long driving hours creates cognitive stress, influencing irrational thoughts while behind the wheel. Most often people are found to indulge in other activities like use of gadgets, texting, etc. in an attempt to engage in any kind of virtual company. This might turn out to be disastrous.

We at KRUZR have created a safe driving assistant for you to take care of your calls and messages so that you could now indulge in other non-threatening activities to free yourself from a tedious drive.
We have a few suggestions you could try to ease your boredom.

1. The most obvious! MUSIC of your choice.
It has become a natural habit for almost everyone to listen to music while driving.
We suggest tune into your favorite radio station, put on your seatbelts and cruise through your journey.
If you aren’t a fan of the radio station make your own favorite playlist, connect it through the Bluetooth and enjoy the beats while you eat up the miles.
The radio stations and pre-created playlists are our choices because it avoids you to manually operate the system in order to find your song. This would be distracting, although with kruzr’s one-touch interface it even lets you operate your music while avoiding distractions.

2. Audio Books.
With this growing digital era, one no longer requires finding a printed and bound book to satisfy their intellect. Audiobooks are in fact much more enjoyable because you could now hear your favorite character’s voice booming in your car speakers.
There are various kind of audiobooks available in the market and we think they would be a great way of keeping yourself engaged during lonely long drives.

3. Food and Refreshments
The human brain is an excellent masterpiece, however even it has certain limitations. The brain needs the energy to be attentive to get you safely through your drive. Food is the fuel for it. Indulge in your favorite delicacies at any available opportunity.
Do not fret for losing time, Food and refreshments are time well spent. Food is life!
There are many great options available on the highways/roadways … from classic roadside dhabas to posh multicuisine restaurants and now the latest trend; food trucks have also been spotted.
Rejuvenate yourself and restart your motor with new vigor.

4. Chew GUM.
One needs to avoid consuming drinks and food while at the wheel. However, Gum is a loophole to this rule. Minimum distraction and a great time pass, Chewing gum is the best way to keep yourself awake while driving, which is of great importance.

Traffic is an unpredictable entity in the life of drivers. Most of the long journeys tend to be monotonous not due to the distance, but due to traffic. Long drives become extremely frustrating if one has to maneuver through a maze of honking, lane crossing over a bunch of motors.
One of the best ways to avoid traffic would be to start early so you could enjoy your drive in a relaxed and peaceful manner.

With KRUZR we attempt to ease your long drives by attending to multiple calls and messages which you are sure to encounter in such lengths of time. Kruzr’s driving assistant will have your phone summary ready after you complete your trip. It even allows you to contact people during an emergency. Thus we help you drive safe and distraction-free while you keep yourself entertained.

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