Teen Drivers — Texting and Driving !

A tree never hits an automobile except in self-defense. 😛 Gone are those days, when teens would find joy in collecting shells from the beach.


                                     Stay alive, don’t text and drive😀

Although technological breakthroughs have made life easy it has not been without its shortcomings. One of the biggest problem around this is driving. Driving has become dangerous over the years.
Why? People and their phones are inseparable!
This is especially true with teenagers. Going out for dancing, singing karaoke and eating good food seems like a great idea. Yet, the teens today find joy in immersing in their cell phones.
Leading cause of distracted driving crashes happen when teens are interacting with their mobile phones.
Mobile pones are dangerous and these facts prove them right !
  • Teens have the reaction time of a 70-year-old when distracted while driving.
  • Crash risk is four times higher when a driver uses a cell phone, whether or not it’s hands-free.
  • Many states have instituted a ban on driver hand-held cell phone use (both talking and texting).According to research, teen drivers receive the most calls from their parents, more than general calling patterns would suggest.
  • According to recent research, even though teens recognize that talking or texting on a cell phone or using social media apps while driving is unsafe, they often engage in these behaviors while driving.

Why can’t a teen driver leave their phones while driving? Is it too hard? We have jotted down the possible reasons. Take a quick look!
  • TEXT-We all know how addictive texting can be. This becomes especially true in case of teens who only want to text all day long. Texting is not bad but texting and driving is riskier than drunk driving. So please avoid doing the two together. It’s a fact that  9 in 10 teens expect a reply to a text or email within five minutes or less, which puts pressure on them to respond while driving.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA-It is uncanny that teens are always excited to check the likes and comments on his/her picture on social media. They can reach home and check it but today’s generation is impatient. They have to know what others are saying about their picture. When a teenager loves the attention, they will check every comment or like. Most teen drivers see a notification on their phone while driving and check it there and then. It feels like their life is dependent on few likes and comments.
    • Facebook-The whole world is on Facebook! There is a lot happening on this platform. It is very addictive and dangerous while driving. It’s the most common application used while driving (one-quarter of people polled fessed up to it), while one in seven admits to using Twitter while behind the wheel.
    • Instagram-Teens are so anxious to know what others are doing. The hashtag #whiledriving has gained popularity, most commonly accompanied by photos of the sky, sunset, and clouds, taken from the driver’s seat.
2. The so-called Important Call :
Teenagers should understand that not every call is important. Most of the female drivers HAVE to pick their boyfriend’s call because they are possessive. Possessive girls and boys should understand that they might lose their ‘love of life’, because of their obsessive nature. Quit it and let them drive in peace.
3. Coordinating with someone :
Coordinating with friends over a call while driving is a very big issue. A simple, “Where are you? I have reached!” can lead to a brutal accident. You can reach the place, park your car and then give a call to your friend. Why do you have to talk while driving? It is very unsafe! Your mind is somewhere else while you are talking on the phone. How can you concentrate on driving?
4. Parents too can be blamed :
We are not blaming parents but this does happen. Parents often try calling and texting because they worry. But, parents should understand that the child might be driving. It is best to see your child at home at 11 pm, rather than seeing him/her in the hospital with a broken leg.
What to do? — Drop a text to your parents before starting. You do not have to text or take the call while driving. 😃
Parents need to model safe driving behaviors by not using their cell phones while driving (including at stoplights) and to set a zero-tolerance policy for their teens’ cell phone use while driving. They should help their teens by giving them safe alternatives to talking or texting while driving like:
  • Complete any call or text before starting the car.
  • Get directions and try to visualize the destination before turning the key.
  • Check in with friends or parents only after arrival.
  • Pull over for urgent calls.
Say NO to using phones while driving
This is important for all the parents and teenagers. It is time to put your phone down and concentrate on driving. If you ever meet with an accident, your parents will never ever give you the car keys. If your phone is precious and you want a car to drive, you should learn to be responsible and NOT use the phone. Let’s face it, taking some calls, returning some texts and checking your online social life is not as important as your REAL life.

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